Produced from our Factory laid out on 2,555 Sqm Industrial Plot having woodworking machinery manned by highly experienced and skilled team of Technical staff at NOIDA, UP. The organisation employees some of the best skilled craftsman, carpenters, polishers, painters, upholsters and machine man etc. on a permanent basis.

Individual furniture construction for private customers

Every human being is an individual and every space has its own identity. In order to reconcile both, we produce high-quality individual pieces that are tailored to the individual needs of the form, function and aesthetics of an individual: furniture for people.

Spatial expansion & commercial furniture


Rooms for hotels, offices, coworking spaces etc. sometimes make challenging demands. Beyond individual furniture construction, we create work plans and finished finishing elements according to the specific requirements of different circumstances. We make proposals for the installation, the design and the installation of building services.

Series production



Also mass-produced pieces of furniture are unique. Our standard pieces of furniture are processed and completed with the same craftsmanship and dedication as any individually made single piece. Before leaving the manufactory, every detail is meticulously checked.

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